Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.

In 1933, André Besnier started up his cheese-making company. On the first day he collected 17 litres of milk and produced 35 camemberts: the Besnier company was in business. Since then, the group, which adopted the more international name of Lactalis in 1999, has continued to expand rapidly.

Its range of products has grown considerably (cheeses, milk, cream, butter, ultra-fresh, milk powder, etc.), as has the reputation of its products. Lactalis now owns a series of prestigious French and international brands.

  • # 1 dairy group in the world
  • # 1 dairy and cheese group in Europe
  • # 1 milk collector in Europe
  • # 1 cheese producer in Europe

Around the world, Lactalis is recognised as having the know-how of a major dairy Group. Present in over one hundred countries, its experience abroad is backed up by a professionalism that is expressed in both its vast range of products adapted to the expectations of consumers and its logistics know how.

In 2014, Lactalis acquired Thirumala, where it opened up enormous opportunities in the biggest and most challenging dairy market in the world to position it as the most preferred brand in India, followed by Anik in 2016. The traditional and cultural experience of Thirumala & Anik along with the international expertise of Lactalis provided a unique combination, leading to a success story to be talked by generations to come. Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.


Thirumala Milk Products Private Limited is a leading private dairy company in South India established in the year 1996 and has since then maintained its position as a fast growing company based on the ideology of providing tasty and healthy range of milk and milk products for one and all. Thirumala has a presence in some major states in India some of which are namely; Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. State of the art machinery and versatile plants have been ideal in the success of Thirumala today without neglecting the core of its business ethics in any aspect.


For over 52 years, Anik has been a trusted source for dairy products in India. Owing to the brand’s fine production and quality standards, its products have been a favourite across north Indian homes and businesses. Being sourced from the famed region, Malwa, Anik’s products are the finest in terms of purity, nutrition, and taste. Anik is also renowned for its milk powder which meets international quality standards and is exported to several countries.


Prabhat is a leading dairy company which has established itself as one of the most trusted dairy brands & has enriched the lives of millions across India with its finest quality dairy products over the last two decades. Prabhat’s journey began in 1998, when it was just a milk procuring company; and today, Prabhat produces a wide range of products across various categories such as Milk, Curd, Ghee, Paneer, Flavored Milk, Milkshakes, Lassi/Buttermilk, UHT Milk, Cheese, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Dairy Whitener, Whey Powders & Concentrates, etc.; while some are consumer-targeted, others are focused on the Food Service segment, both wherein Prabhat is well renowned. Prabhat always ensures to be a thoughtful and sustainable socio-economic brand driven by innovations with a strong focus on consistency.

Prabhat has reached such heights thanks to its well-connected distribution network, state-of-the-art factories that use cutting edge technology and stringent quality standards. For its standard of service & products, it has become a prominent name in all the top retail chains as well as with leading food service clients across India.

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